Sunday, July 28, 2013

Super Megaforce Plots That Will Never Be

Oh Super Duper Megaforce. So much potential, but I don't expect much from you at the moment. Power Rangers has such a rich history that is just waiting to be tapped into, but honestly I don't think this season will. At least, I don't think it will at the level that it should. Remember, this is the 20TH ANNIVERSARY season where people don't know what a Power Ranger is or that aliens fucking exist... Lawd Geezus...

Now Super Megaforce may surprise me and turn out to be very good. I mean, Megaforce is... decent so far and is LEAGUES ahead of Samurai. However, that still doesn't change the fact that there are many things that I KNOW the writers won't do in this season. Things that I would have loved to see. And that's what this blog post is about. I'm going to list some of the things that I think would have been cool to see in Super Megaforce. Oh the fangasms that will never be.

1. Tommy and Kat Married:
I'm still pissed that we're not getting a Mighty Morphin tribute episode with most of the MMPR people. But I get it. It was too expensive for a multimillion dollar company to bring them back. Fair enough. However, for me it would have been cool to at least see Tommy and Kat appear for an episode together and be married. That silly christmas episode from Zeo hinted that they'd end up together. It would be a nice and simple way to build on the show's history.

2. Billy:
There's so much that could've been done if they brought back old Billy boy. Last time we saw him, he decided to stay on Aquitar so that he could fuck around with some fish lady. A tribute episode could've led to some focus on the Aquitian rangers as well as Billy. Two birds with one stone! I'm very curious about what's going on with William these days. Is he married? Does he have kids? If so, are they Power Rangers? Maybe have Billy show up on Earth to give the Megaforce rangers a new weapon. Or perhaps the villains want to kidnap Billy and use his incredible genius for their own evil purposes, and the Megaforce teens have to save him. Hell thinking about it, Billy probably should've been the mentor for this season...

3.Gosei's backstory:
Let's be honest. They are not going to explain where the hell Gosei comes from or how he ended up on Earth. I tried to have faith that they would but... they won't. They barely focus on him in the episodes now. He's just this giant, tiki looking plot hole, and the writers are content with that. "Oh, let's just say Zordon placed him on Earth. Those old, crusty fans will love that." NO! I don't love that. Not if you're not going to explain when Zordon did this. But even if they do explain it, will they do so in a way that makes sense? The only time Zordon could have ever "placed" Gosei on Earth was during Turbo. Gosei could not have been on Earth during MMPR, otherwise Zordon should have contacted him for help during the 908904839 crises that happened during that time. Do the writers know that though? Doubt it.

And I'm not even touching that fact that Gosei missed multiple alien/demon/mutant attacks before finally waking his ass up from his deep sleep. Sigh why couldn't he just have been a friend of Zordon's from Eltar who decided to come to Earth this year to help the humans fight against an upcoming threat? Hell, why did the Megaforce rangers need a mentor anyway? It's not like Gosei has done a lot so far. Why not just have the Morphin Grid act on its own and pick some rangers. If it can talk to Kira and Ethan and show them the future, it can pick some rangers.

4. Troy's Visions:
Oh Troy. This guy has got to be the blandest red ranger we have evah had. The writers do nothing interesting with him, and all his character interactions suck. But he can see da fewchaa! Why, we don't know, but I'm curious to find out. Too bad we probably never will.

Power Rangers fan Fury Diamond, who seems to be in the know about a lot of behind the scenes stuff with PR, stated that the writers originally had a plan to explain why Troy can see the future in his dreams... but this plan was later scrapped. Ugh. So they have time to shove a shitty music episode in Megaforce at the last minute, but they can't be bothered to explain why Troy is clairvoyant?  We still know nothing about this walking mannequin other than he's the red ranger. Seeing a story arc explaining his visions could have been cool. Oh well...

5. Referencing Countdown to Destruction:
This is on the list because I'm just tired of this not being brought up. This was the most important war in Power Rangers history, and it's NEVER brought up (except for in Lost Galaxy because LG is awesome). The villains conquered Earth. Hell, they conquered the universe. The rangers should be reading about it in their history class.

If any season should bring C2D up, it's this one. But it won't. *Cries thug tears* T_T

6. Jake and Gia Dating:
Ok, this one may actually happen. At least I hope it does. I want to see these two become a couple and date a couple times in the show. That could be fun and it could lead to lots of wacky antics. Buuuut I'm not getting my hopes up. Power Rangers has a bad track record with romance these days. If Jake and Gia never date and only end up together during the last scene in the finale, I will scream.

I want these two crazy kids to be the new Zack and Angela. Let them date!

I'm sure there's more, but I'm done with this list for now. So listen. I'm going to be fair and not judge Super Megaforce for not doing everything I want it to do because they do only have 20 episodes to work with next year. They have to balance focus on the current team of rangers with tributes to the past seasons. That can't be easy. So really, I just want to be entertained. Just do that, and I won't bitch (too much).

Nevertheless, I will always think about what could have been. If Power Rangers could have had a 40+ episode adaptation of Gokaiger, imagine the possibilites. Under capable writers who know the Power Rangers lore, we really could've had something great.

P.S. Check out when I did this for Power Rangers Supah Samurai.


  1. I agree with much of what you said however my biggest hope for the season that has a basically non existant chance of happening, is that when the Megaforce rangers get the Gokai Powers they first enter the morphing grid and see a compilation of all the past rangers, something similar to this scene from smallville watch from about 1:55, wat u think?

    1. also maybe use a scene like this when the Gokai morphers are being presented to the rangers maybe replace John Kent with Tommy, Jason, The Phantom Ranger or maybe all the original mmpr rangers in a group (I know that last one is actually impossible not just because Saban's cheap but would still be a beautiful scene imo)

    2. I wouldn't mind something like that. I bet that something will happen due to the rangers using all that power. It may be something as simple as all the ranger suit heads nodding to the Megaforce rangers in approval lol