Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sakura... This is Your Last Chance.

I consider myself a Naruto fan. If you have been to my YouTube channel, you may have seen my karaoke-level covers of a couple of its theme songs. You might have to navigate through a lot of Power Rangers videos, but damn it, they are there lol

I started watching it during my teen years, and I now read the manga. And while I consider the original Naruto series to be waaaaaaay better than it's sequel, Naruto Shippuden still has entertaining and moving moments in it.

Now a couple of years ago, I made a video titled "Naruto Rant: Are Female Ninjas Worthless?"

As you may have gathered, this video was about how the kunoichi of Naruto don't really do much compared to the male ninjas. It's cool that some of them are masters at healing, but I watch/read Naruto to see muthafuckas break people's spines, not to see them play doctor.

So this brings me to Sakura. I used to like Sakura back in the day. She was weak, and she knew it, but she wanted to change that and get better. However, YEARS have passed since she made a promise to herself to become a great ninja... and this bitch has the nerve to still suck. Oh, but she's super strong now. Ok cool, but what good is that if she NEVER hits anyone with it. At least my girl Tsunade landed some hits.

In the manga, there is currently a big ninja war going on. Spoilers ahead if you don't read the manga. Right now, Sasuke has decided to fight with Naruto against the enemy. As these two were about to fight, Sakura jumped her ass over next to them and declared that she was on their level, saying Tsunade trains her disciples as good as the other Sannin and that she's not just a weak woman. HAHAHA!

Ok, look. Seeing Team 7 together again was AMAZING. The nostalgia slapped the shit out of me, and it felt so good. And when those three used the summoning jutsu together, I almost died and saw King Jesus. However, Miss Sakura implied that she was on the level of Naruto and Sasuke. Ok, show me. Show me why you're on their level. All she has done so far is smash a bunch of grunts and summon a snail. I want MORE.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura summoned their animals, and I (silly me) thought that Sakura was going to be fighting with her team. Nope! She goes to heal people. OMG. Are you serious right now?! Go fight! Fuck those nobody ninjas; nobody wants to see you healing them. Show us how much you've grown. Go super punch the Ten Tails in the face like a bad bitch. Something, ANYTHING but healing.

Sigh. I will say this though: this war isn't over yet. Sakura still has time to do something significant.

At the end of the current chapter (Chapter 639), Obito has grabbed Naruto and Sasuke. This right here is an opportunity for Sakura to shine. In Chapter 640, she BETTER be the one that saves them. If not, well then she better do something incredible in the fight. This is Sakura's last chance to prove to everyone that she is a great ninja. That she is on Naruto and Sasuke's level (well close to it at least). If she does nothing else in this war, I am done with her. Stop focusing on her and feeding us bullshit dialogue if you're not really going to have her do anything Kishimoto.

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