Sunday, December 28, 2014

How the MMPR Reboot Can be a Good Thing

2016 promises to give us a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot movie, and I couldn't be happier. Which is funny to me because when I was younger, I wasn't very fond of the idea of reboots or retcons. That's why I never took too kindly to seasons 3 and 4 of Digimon, and why even Power Rangers Ninja Storm irked me a bit when it first came out, due to it having a line of dialogue in the premiere that gave the impression that the previous PR seasons were only comic books.

This MMPR reboot movie doesn't irk me at all though. Mostly because Saban Brands will continue to create new seasons that are connected to the old continuity. However, it is also because this new movie may be an opportunity for us to get a more in-depth look at past PR plots.

The main thing I want to see is the backstory between Rita and Zordon fleshed out. The show never elaborated on the battles these two intergalactic sorcerers had 10,000 years ago. All we know is that Zordon sealed Rita and her minions in a space dumpster, and Rita somehow trapped Zordon in a timewarp. I believe that the old MMPR Fan Club VHS, and the pamphlet that comes with the MMPR Shoutfactory DVDs try to fill in the blanks by informing us that Zordon and Rita's battling went on for 2,000 years. They also note that many planets were destroyed in the process, and that in the end, a simple coin toss decided the victor between the two magic users. Now that's all very interesting and corny, but none of that shit was ever stated in the TV show.

I would love to actually see Rita and her armies duking it out against Zordon and his allies; see how vicious the battle between the two was, and see the end results of said battle with my own two eyes (not just hear it told to me in exposition). And I'd love to see how and when the Command Center was established on Earth. I feel like these scenes are a must for the upcoming film.

I really hope that this movie will be a huge success and that many, many sequel movies will be made. Seeing classic Power Rangers stories like the Evil Green Ranger and Lord Zedd's arrival re-imagined on the big screen would be fucking awesome. I mean, that goes without saying. But imagine if they did a movie based around the Millennium Message plot. I'd love to see what the future time period that Blue Senturion comes from looks like; a future where Lord Zedd and Rita, the Machine Empire, and Divatox rule supreme. Hell, adapting that plot could lead to a version of Countdown to Destruction that many fans always wanted. A version where all the ranger teams come together to fight the United Alliance of Evil.

Oh 2016 MMPR movie, please give me a morphinominal backstory regarding Zordon of Eltar and Empress Rita. And also, please come up with a reason for why Ms. Repulsa doesn't just kill the rangers in their sleep. I'd definitely appreciate it.

Then again, I remember reading somewhere that the movie is suppose to take place within the same continuity as the show. If that is true, then... I don't know what the fuck this movie is going to be about. Hmm...