Saturday, November 9, 2013

So Kabuto WASN'T a Badass?

The Naruto Shippuden anime is currently doing the Kabuto vs Uchiha Brothers fight. Now I barely paid attention to this fight in the manga, so a lot of what I'm seeing in it is new to me. So when it was revealed that the reason Kabuto had turned himself into an even bigger freak than Orochimaru was because he felt that he had no talent, I was very shocked.

Kabuto has no talent? Really? Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we. I remember when I was younger and was watching the original Naruto series. Back then, there weren't 8048302 badass Jounin-level characters like there are now. At that point, the baddest ninja in the show was pretty much Kakashi. So when Kabuto showed up on the scene, and killed multiple ANBU members in 2 seconds and actually proved to be a challenge to Kakashi, I was hyped. Anyone who can throw Kakashi off his game isn't someone to be taken lightly.

Then later on in the show, Kabuto fought one of the legendary Sannin and did very well against her. And I'm a Tsunade fanboy; I'm not a part of the "she's a weak bitch" crowd, so I view Kabuto holding up against her as an incredible feat. Also, during that fight, Tsunade commented on how great Kabuto's medical skills were and that she was "never that quick or precise, even in her prime". The guy weakened her super strength, and when Tsunade temporarily fucked up his brain synapses so that his muscle controls were all scrambled, Kabuto, in the span of a minute, learned all the new ways his body moved so that he could keep fighting. In. A. Minute.

So Kabuto could have went toe to toe with Kakashi if he had to, and he held his own against a SANNIN, but he has no talent. WTF. And he handled Yamato (an experienced Jounin), Naruto, and Sakura at the same time in the early Shippuden episodes. But he has no talent. Come on now.

You know, maybe this shows how crazy and broken Kabuto really is. Putting Kabuto's tragic backstory into perspective, the fact that he couldn't see how skilled he was, and he felt that he had to steal the abilities from other people to be great is really sad. Embrace your own identity sir. You are Kabuto Yakushi, a skilled shinobi and Orochimaru's bitch boy. Own that shit.