Saturday, July 30, 2016

I Quit My Job. Now What?...

After almost three years of working as a court clerk, I decided to step down from my position and quit my job. Why did I do this? So that I can focus on being a full time YouTuber. 


I wish that were the case. But no. I quit because in less than two weeks from now, I will be attending law school. There are many reasons as to why I decided to subject myself to three years of sleepless nights, endless reading assignments and essays, and gorging on ramen noodles for dinner because yo boi is unemployed now.  One, I've always been interested in learning about the law. Two, there are many lucrative career options available for those with a JD. And three, I could help those who have been victims of crime receive justice. However, one reason stands above them all at the moment. That reason being, I want to be able to defend myself against the injustices in the world should I have to. If I am ever illegally pulled over and harassed by corrupt police officers (and survive), I want to know exactly how I can legally bring them to their knees. If a family member or a friend is harmed by corrupt police officers, I want to be able to help them receive justice. 

Future photo of me in law school. You know, if I were a bad bitch...

I have to say, I am very nervous about law school. Constantly worried that I won't be able to hack it. That I'm not smart enough. That I quit my job and joined the unemployment club for nothing. You know how long it took me to find work after I graduated college the first time? If you don't, check out my first blog post. That was one depressing ass chapter in my life that I do not wish to repeat. Geez, I haven't even started law school yet, and the devil is already trying to scare me into quitting. 

I'm a worrywart. It's what I do. And I've been worrywarting all over the place for a week now. However, I am not backing down from my decision. Oh yes, I am staying the course. I believe that when you take risk in life, it's only natural that you may feel a sense of dread about it. But you can't let that feeling stop you. You have to fight through that shit. I have so many goals I want to achieve in life, and I've let the fear of attempting them stop me for so long.

So many goals. I have stayed stagnant for too many years now and I am tired of that. I want to feel like I have accomplished things in life and right now I don't. When I die, what are people going to say about me? I know what I'd like for them to say. "Here lies ASdeclassified, a successful attorney, an amazing writer, crazy soap opera actor, and one of the best Power Rangers vloggers to EVAH do the damn thing!"

Well if I want the accomplishments, I need to start putting in the work now. No more procrastinating. No more excuses. No more wavering. 

Time to conquer Earth.

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