Sunday, January 31, 2016

How Heckyl, Sledge, and Keeper Met

Heckyl is currently the most interesting character in Dino (Super) Charge. Because of this, I have been thinking a lot about what his origin story might be. Now I haven't been trying to figure out the relationship between Heckyl and Snide because the show hasn't given me enough information to go on as of yet. Rather, I have been thinking about the relationship between Heckyl and Sledge. As in, what circumstances led to Sledge meeting and capturing Heckyl. So without further ado, here's my fan theory of how Sledge and Heckyl/Snide crossed paths.

We know from the show that Heckyl used to go around destroying planets and whole galaxies. So perhaps Heckyl appeared on Keeper's home planet one day looking to fuck shit up. The beings on Keeper's world tried their best to deal with Heckyl, but they couldn't, so they decided to enlist the help of a renowned bounty hunter. Yes, Keeper and his people hired Sledge to remove the threat of Heckyl/Snide. 

So Sledge came to Keeper's planet and did what he was paid to do: defeat and capture Heckyl. However, while Sledge was on Keeper's home-world, he learned about the powerful Energems. Not being able to resist such incredible power, Sledge then started attacking Keeper's planet himself. In order to protect the Energems, Keeper grabbed them and high-tailed it off of his home-world in his spaceship. Sadly, Sledge was right on Keeper's ass and chased the little creature all the way to Earth. From there, the rest is history.

So there you have it. That is my fan theory of how Heckyl, Sledge, and Keeper all met. Basically, almost everything is Keeper's fault. He invited Sledge to his planet to take care of Heckyl, but didn't run a background check on the guy to make sure he wasn't evil as well. And of course, this all led to the destruction of the dinosaurs. Keeper always makes poor decisions.

Well if anyone reads this, let me know what you think of this theory. Also, tell me if you have any theories about Heckyl/Snide.

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  1. i think that how Heckyl and snide met was that they were two separate beings but the tattoo that is on their necks were placed on them ether by accident or on purpose by someone