Sunday, August 9, 2015

Julius Explodes! Bold and the Beautiful Episode Review for 8/7/2015

Last Friday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was very entertaining. So entertaining that I'm writing a blog post about it.

It's Maya and Ricky Boy's wedding day! And guess who decided to make an appearance. Why Ricky's sister, Ms. Bridgette Forrester! Bridgette is rarely on this show anymore, so this was indeed a surprise. She even told her brother that this was one family occasion that she was not going to miss...

As soon as she said that, I burst out in laughter. The fuck? Let me get this straight. This bitch was too busy to be in attendance at her niece Aly's wake and funeral, but she has all the time in the world to be at her brother's third wedding? This is the more important event to go to? Bridgette, go on with this foolishness.

One of the best parts of this episode was Bill Spencer apologizing to Maya for telling her private business to the whole world. I loved this scene, not because Bill apologized (I never needed him to do that), but because Maya did not make it easy for Bill to apologize. Ms. Avant was busting Bill's balls the entire time he was asking for forgiveness, and it was great. She eventually accepted the apology, but the fact that she stood strong and called Dollar Bill out on all his bullshit made me like her. I have never really been a fan of Maya. The reason why is because she tends to let people (like Bill) treat her like trash and then she runs away without fighting back. Meanwhile, Bill Spencer is one of my favorite characters on the show. So if I'm giving Maya praise for talking crazy to Bill, you know I loved this scene. No more running for Maya.

Now the ending to this episode took the cake baby. If you are reading this post and are not aware, Maya is transgender. Her parents are very conservative and have not been in her life for a long time. Maya and her parents are now trying to mend fences, and they are present for the wedding. While Maya's mother is beginning to accept who Maya is, her father (Julius) still refuses to let go of his bigotry. During the finale scene of the episode, Julius could not hold his true feelings in anymore, and he pretty much erupted on his wife. Julius hates what his "son" has done to "his" body, and he is disgusted that he has to walk his "son" down the aisle and hand Maya off to a man. The conversation Julius was having with is wife was supposed to be private, but this is a soap opera, so you know that private conversations do not exist here. Maya ended up hearing every vicious thing her father said. She was completely crushed. I loved it. The drama was so damn good. Julius is a bastard, but if he was a great guy and completely accepting of his child, then this shit would be boring. Let him be a bigot, just as long as the show expresses that he is in the wrong.

*Side note: Julius wasn't wrong about Rick already having two ex-wives. Maya will be out the door soon. But she will be receiving some good spousal support checks, so chill.*

I am also surprised that Julius is the ONLY one that has an issue with Maya being transgender. All of the Forresters are cool with this? Really? All of these super rich white people are that progressive? It's great that they are, but I'm not sure if it's that realistic. Oh well, I'm patiently waiting for Monday's episode. August 10, 2015, let's go!

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