Thursday, January 9, 2014

These "Rules" People Have About Sex

So I was watching a video by Spoken Reasons where he talked about some chick that liked him and was desperate for the D. He said that they had eventually hooked up, but afterwards he had lost interest in her because she swallowed his babies...

Now at first I was thinking that he was disgusted by this because, in a world where STDs are running rampant, gulping down the sexual fluids of someone that you barely know is dangerous. But no. He was disgusted by it because he feels that a woman shouldn't swallow a man's cum until they have known each other for two years. Because apparently if a woman doesn't abide by this two year waiting period, she will not be respected by her mate.

Sigh... some men out here are just ignorant. Who the hell makes up these stupid rules? Men can't respect a woman who decided to be extra freaky in the bedroom before waiting a couple years? What lame ass men are these? Men should respect women if they have a great personality and treat their family and friends with love and generosity and just try to be a good person in general. Respect should not come from whether or not they decided to taste some protein before they were two years closer to death.

Really this is just the male ego at work. I know I can be jealous from time to time, but some dudes out here take the cake. "If she swallowed for me that soon, how many other men have she swallowed for?" Who cares?! What happened with previous sexual partners is none of your business. As long as she practices safe sex, and regularly gets STD tested (something ALL sexually active people should be doing), don't worry about it.

Society annoys the hell out of me with all the rules and double standards it has for women when it comes to sex. It annoys me even more that there are many women who co-sign the double standards. In 2014. I've seen so many popular male YouTubers who talk about the numerous women they've slept with, but then turn around and say shit like, "you gotta watch out for how many men your girl says she's slept with. If she says 3, multiply that by 5." Again, who cares?! Why does it matter how many she's slept with? As long as a person, guy or girl, is STD free and isn't cheating on their spouse, the number of previous sexual partners shouldn't really matter.

I find Spoken Reasons funny sometimes, but this isn't one of those times. Sex is an amazing thing. Can we stop shaming women out of enjoying it however they like?

Here's the video in case you were curious:

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