Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Power Rangers Season Idea

I guess today I felt like stepping into fanfiction territory. Well kinda. This idea randomly popped into my head today, and it's something that I actually wouldn't mind seeing in a Power Rangers season. So if yours truly were to ever be in charge of writing for PR (it'll never freaking happen), this is what I'd want to create. And yes, I know that Super Sentai limits a lot of things that PR can do, but let's just pretend that this is a perfect world and PR can do whatever it wants.

Alright, here's my idea. This would be a three man team, two guys and one girl, and they would be aliens. Yup, more alien rangers. Earthlings can't get all the power. Anyway, these rangers (Red, Blue, and Yellow) would be in charge of protecting their home world. However, one day their planet was invaded by an evil alien empire. The rangers fought their hardest against the threat, but the evil empire proved to be too powerful. Not only were the rangers defeated, but their entire planet was destroyed. Gasp!

At first, I actually thought that destroying a whole planet might be a little much for Power Rangers, fanfiction or not. But then I remembered that PR has done similar storylines before. In the beginning of SPD, Grumm destroyed a planet, and later on we learned that Grumm invaded Doggie's home planet and killed his entire race. Not to mention RPM and its whole apocalypse thing.

Back to the story. So after this, the evil empire (let's just call them The Dark Ones) turns its attention to Earth. The Dark Ones feel that it would be a worthy challenge to conquer a planet that has proven to be unconquerable for so many years. The three rangers are saddened and angry over their fallen planet and swear to not let such a thing happen ever again. So these three haul ass to Earth to protect it.

Once the rangers arrive on Earth, they set up a base there and fight off The Dark Ones as they send down one monster at a time to face our heroes (can't mess with tradition). Hell let's give them a robot assistant too just for shits and giggles.

While livng on Earth, the rangers try their best to learn Earth's customs, which leads to many wacky moments. It'll be soooooo funny you guys. >_> Eventually one of the guy rangers, most likely Red, will meet an Earth woman and fall in love. The two date and soon the woman discovers that he's a ranger. After learning such a great secret, she decides that she wants to be a ranger too and fight beside her beloved. The Red Ranger is adamantly against this, but the woman gains access to the rangers' alien technology and makes her own damn morpher and joins the fight! Yeah, she's Billy-level smart. Convenient right? The Red Ranger, after seeing how well his girlfriend does in battle, lets her join the team with no protest. I'm thinking she would be the White Ranger.

Also, as the story progresses, the rangers will come face to face against an evil ranger. This evil bastard will have been a former teammate who betrayed his comrades to join The Dark Ones. Furthermore, this evil ranger (let's make him a Gold Ranger) will not be under any spell, and he will not turn good by the end of the story. Yep, for once the evil ranger stays evil. Always wanted to see a story like that in PR (don't mention A Squad to me...).

And somewhere along the way, I guess they'll gain another ranger (Black). We've never had a four man ranger team before, and it just looks weird in my head, so let's just throw an extra one in here. He could have been a part of the team back in the day when there was Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Black. Before The Dark Ones attacked the rangers' home planet, the Gold Ranger had led Black somewhere private and "killed" him. But shock of all shock, Black survived. He was hurt for quite some time, but now he's back to 100% and ready for some payback!

So there it is. This is pretty much all I came up with so far. Like I said, it was just a random thought I had, and I decided to blog about. So if anyone happens to read this, leave me a comment telling me what kind of PR story or theme you would want to see in the show.

Ja mata!  γ˜γ‚ƒγΎγŸ.


  1. That's a pretty good story, I also rather like the idea of a ranger turning on his/her team by choice and remaining an enemy (closest thing we had was imperious) but i think it would be cool if a ranger first joins as a good guy and then becomes the villain over time (like we actually witness the betrayal in real time as opposed to it just happening in the past or being a spell), the story itself is pretty interesting and honestly with a few tweaks could probably work decently with the go buster footage.

    1. I agree, seeing it happen over time would be great. And yes! Go Busters actually did come to mind as I was writing this blog lol