Sunday, August 17, 2014

Minority Opinion Alert: Judd Lynn's Return to Power Rangers

*Dusts off blog*

So it's been awhile since my last blog post. My goal was to write a new one at least once a month, but clearly that didn't go as planned. Oh well, let's talk Power Rangers.

More specially, let's talk about a topic that I should have blogged about MONTHS ago when the news of it first came out: Judd Lynn coming back to work on Dino Charge.

When we first heard the news, I did get a few comments from people asking me to make a video on it. Thing is... I really had nothing to say. Nothing good anyway. So Judd Lynn's coming back. Yes, he is a good writer, and he is responsible for some of my favorite seasons. And yeah, I'm sure he'll do a great job whipping Dino Charge into a decent season at the very least. But so what?

When I tell you that I don't care about Dino Charge, I mean it. You know what season I did care about? This 20th/21st anniversary season. So Saban Brands decides to hire a capable writer that has previously worked on PR before and has knowledge about how the show works and its lore. That's great. That's wonderful. WHY THE HELL DIDN'T THEY DO THIS FOR MEGAFORCE!

Why are they working hard to make sure that regular ass Dino Charge is a good season, but dropped the ball completely on Super Mega Flop?! I don't understand this. If there was any season to bring Judd Lynn back for, it was Megaforce. The big anniversary season that is in DESPERATE need of storytelling and character development. The big anniversary season that is one of the worst seasons I have ever seen.

I am beyond disappointed in Super Megaforce. The Gokaiger footage was handed to SB on a silver platter, and yet they completely squandered it. So many potential storylines could have been built off of that footage, but we got nothing. There is literally nothing going on in Super Mega Flop. In every episode the nameless Alien Armada attacks, and the rangers fight them for 20 minutes. Sometimes with powers never seen before on this planet! That's it.

The rangers have Super Mega Mode, but you can forget about getting any answers on where the hell Gosei got such power, or where the hell the 563649278789274 zords in his arsenal came from, or where the hell Gosei comes from, or where the hell these villains come from, or how the hell the Sixth Ranger Key ended up on Orion's dead planet, or what adversity Troy went through, or why the hell T-roy was psychic for two episodes, or why the hell I'm watching a 20th anniversary season where people have no idea what a damn Power Ranger is and have no knowledge of Countdown to Destruction. I just... what?!

Oh, but Judd Lynn will be back for Dino Charge, and that somehow makes up for the fact that the 21st anniversary season is a joke? No! Too little, too late. Super Megaforce is the season that SB should have called Judd Lynn back for. Maybe then the season would have had a name that isn't ridiculous, and we could have had interesting characters, and amazing plots, and callbacks to past seasons that actually make sense!

Look at all this negativity. This is why I didn't make a video when the news first broke. I was sick of being a Negative Nathan about a franchise that, as a whole, I still love very much. The good seasons still outweigh the bad in my book. It's just that we haven't had a good season in a loooong time. And the one season that should have NEVER been bad... turned out to be garbage.

I truly envy the fans that are still excited about SMF and future seasons. Wish I still shared your enthusiasm. When it comes to PR, the only thing I care about at the moment is the MMPR Reboot movie. Please let that be good. Please.

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  1. lol interesting read, lot of negativity though, mind if i weigh in?

    I agree it's unfortunate the way the last few years have gone, and it is too bad that it seems to have cost u some of your enthusiasm, (though if i were to be an insensitive prick about it you realize a meme could be made about u and the neo saban era right? lol something like "Starts a Countdown video for Samurai" "Gives up during 20th anniversary") btw just curious any chance you've reconsidered that? if not only for the legendary transformations? i mean you sat through the boring first half, the second half at least has some gokaiger action to help make it more just saying is all.

    in my case while I agree that Judd Lynn would have been far better in the 20th anniversary (especially with all the transformations) and sadly Megaforce is pretty much the definition of wasted potential now, there isn't much point in letting that impede any potential enjoyment for future seasons.

    I mean it's not like only anniversary seasons can be legendary in pr (heck all 3 anniversary seasons flopped as far as most fans are concerned) while some of the best seasons came flat out of nowhere (RPM is a perfect example) which caught many fans totally off guard, so I wouldn't write Dino Charge off as being ordinary just yet (okay it probably will be, but even so)

    if it helps, I'd also point out that most fans are not enthusiastic about Saban Brands (i doubt anyone is forgiving them any time soon) but more so for Judd Lynn returning since as u said he's worked on some of the best seasons in the franchise and many fans feel obligated to give him a chance (especially since he didn't have anything to do with the last 5 years)

    its not so much about making amends for the last few years (I doubt anyone can do that) as much as it is about having a fresh start, and a chance to enjoy PR once again. and whether Dino Charge ends up being good or not, Why let Samurai and Megaforce ruin that before it even premieres?